Experienced strategic technology Consulting

Helping you design success!

Experienced strategic technology Consulting

Helping you design success!


IT Consulting Services


As one of the leaders in IT consulting services, our team of expert consultants have decades of experience managing IT strategy, planning IT budgets, performing IT security audits, and taking on almost any complex IT project you can think of. Our IT consultants are supported by our locally-based engineers and technicians, who work together to take make your plans and projects a reality.

Our IT consultancy services are aimed at organizations where information technology is not their core business. However, many of our clients who come to us for IT consulting services already have an in-house IT team. Sometimes an in-house team can become overwhelmed by day to day requests, and is unable to pull themselves away to look at the bigger, more strategic picture.

That's where we come in. By leveraging a knowledgeable IT consulting firm, organizations of any size can benefit from an objective look at their IT challenges.

Outsourced Virtual CIO/CTO


Some organizations need more than just a handful of touchpoints during the year.

Groovewest's strategic IT consulting services offer a smart solution for companies that require regular C-level IT guidance, but don’t want or need to hire a full-time CIO or CTO.

Many clients take advantage of our virtual CIOs, who can become a seamless part of your team to help you turn technology into a strategic advantage for your business.

Cloud Readiness Assessment


If you’re not sure where to start, consider a Cloud Readiness Assessment to help you determine the specific benefits available from the many different cloud services.

We can recommend various technologies, discuss the merits of third party vendors, and help you create and implement the right managed cloud services for your business.